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This website started out as an experiment: dumping image files to JSON, rendering them with JavaScript and DOM elements. Inspired by Velocity.js we first saw how website performance can be with JavaScript.

  • - Bootstrasp3 Grid
  • - jQuery Base Javascript Framework
  • - Velocity.js JS Framework Animation
  • - Inconsolata TypeFace
  • - Image2json Fork it!

    Super simple, small and parametric shop used in almost all of our e-commerce projects. Online for about two years and up to now with thousands of successful transactions.
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    Go package for dumping MySQL databases, equipped with two tools: command line dumper and web dumper.
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  • CMS

    DRUPAL nstallation, setup, personalization, the building of complex themes and interaction with other projects.

    WORDPRESS Configuring, theming and optimizing the speed of any WordPress website.

    DJANGO CMS Our preferred tool, which can be integrated in the rest of the big django ecosystem, allowing us to guarantee specially tailored solutions.


    Python, Django, PHP, Golang, Javascript, Angular, jQuery, Underscore, Actionscript, MySQL, Apache, nginx, Redis, git, Capistrano, NodeJS, Memcached, Superviosrd, Flash ...



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I first started working with computers in the nineties at the University of Barcelona where I studied to become a teacher. I was hired as a technical classroom assistant, working with Windows 3.1 and a Novell Network. I hacked some servers and two years later started working at a small web company in Barcelona as Perl developer. After this CGI era, I was hired by Orbial (BBDO Group) as frontend developer, where I first started working with DHTML and later with Flash. In 2006, together with my brother Oriol, I founded Tempo MediaLab Interactiu. Today my favorite language is Python, but I'm also getting more familiar with Go and it is lots of fun.

Every Day I check


finishing this website I will try to update all of my blogs, collecting the best of them in a new one. I will also update the website of my wife I am sure she will love it!

The best way to reach me is by mobile or simply dropping me an email. Trying to contact me via social networks might be difficult as I miss to check them all the time.


LinkedIn g+ twitter

I started coding in the late nineties, making some scripts and add-ons for mIRC. With the help of HTML and JavaScript these scripts and add-ons were then turned into websites. That was pretty difficult compared to the work we do today. But it was so exciting!

Some years later I studied Multimedia. During my years of study, I worked in a development company of educational games on Flash platforms. After finishing my Master, I founded Tempo MediaLab Interactiu with my brother.

Usually I check


Today I teach the postgrade of digital publications (web design) at Eina (Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona). Some time ago I also started programming again with AS3 as a development platform for multidevice APPS, desktop, IOS and Android.